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Our Story

For Tibbees

Tibit is making online micro-rewarding and payment an everyday reality, increasing revenue for creators and publishers large and small through a unique approach that best reflects giving psychology...

Donation level set personally, not prescribed by someone else. Donation mechanics all done upfront, enabling immediate and instinctive use. No interruptive value decision at the point of reward.

Tibit - the token of your appreciation online

For Tibbers

Tibit is making online micro-rewarding and payment an everyday reality in a unique way that suits you best...

You decide what general level to invest each time (not someone else.) You buy tokens upfront, and then distribute them with a single click of a button. Giving is immediate, instinctive, and without any giving-amount anxiety.

The perfect way to give a little bit.

Tibit - the token of your appreciation online

Give a little bit.

Giving is generally easy offline, but not always so online. Making small payments to people, companies or charities you want to support has been a problem in the offline world - until now. Welcome to Tibit. Micro-rewarding, payment and donation online - all with a single click.

A new company for a new era.

Tibit was founded in 2014. A small company with a big idea - making small payments online a bit part of people's everyday lives. Based in London but operating worldwide, its influence grows by the day. Rewarding content creators and publishers, enabling ongoing donation to charities, and ensuring - as the internet transitions to a world of payment walls, ad-blocking and other revenue-affecting measures - that the quality and independence of thought that have characterised the first chapter of the internet's existence live on in the second and beyond.

Giving is good.

It's human nature to give - to reward others, and to feel good doing so. Giving isn't normally a formal transaction though - it's an instinctive, immediate, everyday thing. A gesture of goodwill, whether showing appreciation for a busker, or putting a coin in a charity box. Loose change that you might barely notice, put to good use. So how do you do this online? How do you say 'thank you' to a free software provider, 'keep up the good work' to an independent blogger, or support a charity without needing to sign up to a monthly donation. With Tibit. Because in the same way you can like people on Facebook or follow people on Twitter, you can now give to people with Tibit.

Hassle-free micro-rewarding.

With Tibit, you reward people with a 'Tib.' You buy tibs in advance with real money (your credit or debit card), and then they act as real money online. You set them to a value you want, click a tib button (on, say, a deserving publisher's or charity's site), and the money is instantly transferred to them. Real money that has a real impact on those who recieve it, and donated at the very point you benefit from or want to support something - without having to worry about the payment amount. Enabling you to give little and often, just as you might do in the offline world. Buying tibs couldn't be easier...

  1. Set the value of your tibs when you buy a bundle from us online - anything from Xp updward, but normally in the range of Y-Zp
  2. Choose how many you want to buy - as few as 10, or as many as 500 (don't worry, you can top up your tibs at any time)
  3. Pay for the bundle using your credit or debit card
  4. Tib the things you appreciate when you see a Tib button

Micro-payment. Macro solution.

Tibit has global reach, and uniquely spans multiple sectors. It is a single solution with massive scope and diversity of use. Just look at some of the people already using Tibit to get rewards below...

Give and recieve.

Tibbing is a world of two distinct communities - those who give, and those who recieve. And the good news for those looking to be rewarded for their endeavours is that putting a Tib button on your blog or website couldn't be easier.

From a simple URL that you can share over social media, or a simple image button for your site, to a more complete integration with reactive buttons that can thank the user for their tib or display a counter. So get started now - a few minutes to set up, and then watch the revenue flow.

A little goes a long way.

You want as much of your money as possible to go to good causes, and we do too. Which is why the cost of tibbing is kept to an absolute minimum. Just 2p per tib (included within the amount you set your tib value at) and all transaction costs are fully covered. Providing your recipient with 100% of the remainer in a way that's incredibly convenient for them - and that they will fully appreciate you for.

The future is now.

If this all sounds a little futuristic, it isn't. People are giving and recieving tibs right now, and you can join them today. Welcome to Tibit - the token of your appreciation online.