Collecting tibs for a charity of your choice
  • Needs no sign up, no bitcoin address; the value of your tibs is sent to your chosen charity
  • Use our button factory to generate the code for your website
  • Donations are processed through our partners, Proof of Donation and Charities Buying Group
Charities Buying Group

Charity Buyers Group is a free Buying Service for over 9,000 Charities, Social Enterprises, Schools, Universities, Councils, NGO’s and all Not-for-profit Organisations in the UK. They also manage and handle receiving tibs for any members that opt-in to tib fundraising via their networks of supporters. If a charity you wish to support is a member of the Charity Buying Group, and has not yet opted-in, you may want to suggest they contact the CBG about receiving tib donations.

Proof of Donation

Proof of Donation facilitates donations made in bitcoin to over 10,000 charities, sent via JustGiving in a fully transparent way. As Tibit pays out the tibs for a charity (typically after five tibs have accumulated) to Proof of Donation, you can see the balance accumulate at their rollover page. Once the threshold (~£2.50) is reached, the funds are forwarded to JustGiving and appear on the JustGiving charity page.

Search for the charity you wish to give your tibs too:
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