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Give a little bit.

Reward, pay, tip with a simple click.

Pocket change for a busker, a collection box, a newsagent.

Offline, it’s easy. But online, how do you say ‘thanks’ for free software, ‘keep it up’ to a blogger, or pay for a single article? Time for change.

Time to reward the things and the people we appreciate. Time for Tibit.

Watch the video, learn more…

How it works

Set the value of your tibs

Choose a value that's small enough to spend freely yet big enough to matter. When you buy more you can set a new value.

Choose how many

Tibs are bought in bundles of ten or more. All tibs from one bundle must be spent before starting another bundle.

Pay how you’d like

Pay for your bundle using Paypal, or your Visa or MasterCard. You can also use bitcoin.

Spend freely

You can tib wherever you see a tib button or a tib.me URL. A tib can be spent as either a micro­payment or a micro-donation.

Watch and see.

Have a look at our animation showing how the tib process works.

Simple solution, global reach.

Explore some of the sites using Tibit to get rewarded.


Raise for charities. Supporters’ blogs and other sites can collect tibs, like a digital, 24×7 collection bucket. Over ten thousand charities are supported.


Tib to support great journalism. Access paid content without a sub­scription, remove ads, or simply reward authors and publishers of great articles.

Open Software

Help free software developers continue their work with donated tibs. Integrated tibbing lets you turn your appreciation into support whenever you like.


Support your favourite bloggers and vloggers. Tib buttons under each post or video let you say ‘thanks’ whenever they publish something you appreciate.


Sustain creativity. Reward visual artists, musicians and writers with a tib. Help them make more of the things that you love, appreciate or enjoy.

Give it a try.

Your first two tibs are on us.

It takes only a few seconds to experience just how easy tibbing can be. Start by clicking a button below to donate a tib. Sign-up instantly using your social media account or your email address, confirm the tib, and that's it.


Global Charity

Unicef UK is a registered charity. We raise funds through donations from individuals, organisations and companies.

Internet Archive

Not for profit project

The Internet Archive was founded as a non-profit with a huge goal: to give everyone access to all knowledge.


Web Comic

A webcomic created by Randall Munroe. It’s not actually an acronym. It’s just a word with no pronunciation.

Get rewarded, get a tib button.

It’s easy. Tib buttons work on a wide variety of platforms; from standard HTML through to CMS’s like Wordpress & Joomla, blogging platforms like Bloggr & Tumblr, and site builders like Weebly and SquareSpace. From custom buttons, buttons with counters, or even just a simple link there is an option that will work for you. The world of Tibit evolves everyday, and you can be part of it.

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